Scioto County, Ohio has resources and infrastructure to keep up with the needs of industries that require significant inputs. Our region sits atop the giant Teays Valley Aquifer, allowing local water utilities to pump massive amounts of fresh water (the Scioto County Regional Water District 1 pumps over a billion gallons annually).

Beyond natural resources, our area is unusually well-served by utilities. Electricity is abundant and affordable, thanks to direct service from American Electric Power (AEP) and other providers, with reliability ensured through extensive transmission lines. We enjoy similar abundance of natural gas, with service from the Texas Eastern and Tennessee pipelines. That utility infrastructure allows companies to tap directly into transmission sources. If you prefer propane for your operations, we offer plenty through MarkWest of Siloam, Kentucky (just across the Ohio River).

Our area is also well-served by multiple broadband providers with plenty of capacity to accommodate the heaviest users of data.