Scioto County, Ohio’s location where the Appalachian Forest and the Ohio River meet has long provided connectivity benefits to the companies that do business here. Barges on the river allow affordable shipments of bulk commodities such as coal, petroleum, chemicals, and agricultural products all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

We’re also well-served by mainlines and branches of both CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern, assuring local companies of frequent and cost-effective service at the heart of both railroads’ networks, with connections to major population centers and Eastern deepwater ports. In addition, our area benefits from a well-designed and well-maintained network of state highways that provides fast access to and from the region, including quick trips to nearby Interstate 64. Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport’s 5,000-foot runways and instrument approaches accommodate corporate jets, too.

That transportation infrastructure helps keep the cost of moving raw materials in and finished products out, so businesses can operate more profitability. Add in our areas comparatively low cost of living, and your dollar goes significantly farther in Scioto County.