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Scioto County, Ohio and its workforce have a long history of making things, especially where casting, forging, and other heavy manufacturing processes are involved. Our area has long been a major supplier to the nation’s industries, from its auto plants to chemical and plastics manufacturers.


Our transportation infrastructure, with extensive rail, highway, and river access, makes it possible to transport large quantities of raw materials and finished product and components affordably, while our abundant and low-cost utilities (including plenty of electricity and natural gas) keep production costs competitive. We’re conveniently centered in the string of auto plants that stretch from Michigan to Mexico, and we have fast access to major industrial centers and deepwater ports.


Just as important, local workers have the skills and attitudes today’s manufacturers expect, and that workforce is powered by local educators who understand industry’s needs. For example, Scioto County Career Technical College and the Shawnee State University offer high-school, adult, and high-education programs in industrial maintenance, CNC programming and operation, maintenance, welding, plastics engineering, and digital simulation, among others.

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