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Scioto County, Ohio is virtually a tax haven for companies when compared with other parts of the U.S.   With Ohio led by a business-supportive administration, and local leaders building upon that belief, locating here just makes good economic sense.


For example, Scioto County employers pay no corporate profit and franchise taxes, no taxes on new machinery and equipment purchases, out-of-state sales, or inventory tax. And, if your sales fall between $150,000 and $1 million, you’ll pay a simple flat income tax. You’ll discover that our regulatory environment is friendlier, too.

That’s just one reason Scioto County has a robust business community. Others include deregulated energy markets, an abundance of natural resources, and the Midwest’s lowest tax rate on capital investments.

The Southern Ohio Port Authority supports companies with tax-exempt financing to offer a more affordable way to expand operations. We can provide financing with below-market interest rates and terms that more closely mirror the actual service life of new assets, increasing the profitability of and ROI on new and improved facilities and operations.

We can also help you tap into other opportunities, such as the Fluor-B&W Opportunity Fund, which provides companies with grants for fixed assets, such as funds for land acquisition, new facilities, renovations, and new machinery and equipment.

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